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Prismatic Happiness
Happiness has been among one of the most well explored states of satisfaction. Man has constantly been in the pursuit of happiness. But has anyone actually ever explored that realm of the heart that makes us feel ‘happy’. While I jogged in the park every evening, meeting new faces and […]Read Blog ›
By On July 13, 2015
To eat or not to: The case of wild meat utilisation by the indigenous communities of Kerala in the Western Ghats
Even though it had been 40 years, she still wanted to go back to the forests. She did not find the urban comfort that her daughter’s house in the town offered, comforting enough! Being raised in the tropical evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, she did not have to ‘rear’ […]Read Blog ›
By and On March 28, 2015
Why Baba Ramdev’s march against ‘PK’ will immortalise Hirani…
The manner in which the recent Bollywood caper ‘PK’ has caused turmoil in the ‘Right’ quarters starting with the Hindu Mahasabha and finding an echo in a fuming Ramdev demanding its ban is just the kind of atmospherics which will immortalise the film and illegitimise its detractors.Mercifully for the millions […]Read Blog ›
By On December 30, 2014
The perils of Sterilisation
In a clear forceful tone remarked former Secretary of Health and Family Welfare AR Nanda – sterilisation is a terrorist attack by the government on a woman’s body. He had heard numerous women from across the country take the microphone to narrate stories of apathy, abuse and harassment meted out […]Read Blog ›
By On December 24, 2014
A Walk For Equality
Disability is more often than not a condition of state of mind, than a weakness or handicap per se. However, the society in large affords to discriminate and subjugate people on the cross of their disability. The plight of the physically disabled persons in our society is well known. Humiliation, […]Read Blog ›
By On October 20, 2014
[In Photos] Spoils of the Festival
On 2 October, government launched the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ aimed at creating a clean India in the next five years. Only a day after, the festivities of Durga Puja ended with the immersion of the idols in the banks of Yamuna river which flows through the Capital. The custom is […]Read Blog ›
By On October 7, 2014
A student remembers his guardian and history teacher Bipan Chandra
What Bipan meant to me, said historian Romila Thapar, was a friend one could look upon… for down-to-earth answers; nice straight answers, broad degrees of agreement always -differences notwithstanding. It was a 50 year association. She was one of the several speakers at a memorial meeting in Teen Murti House […]Read Blog ›
By On September 9, 2014
[In Photos] Ganesh Visarjan in Delhi
As the 10-day Ganesh puja celebrations come to an end on 8 September, the immersion of idols began in the city. Photographs by Vijay PandeyRead Blog ›
By On September 8, 2014
Gulzar, the favourite child of the Muse
As the country celebrates the 77th birthday of poet, lyricist, writer, director and producer Gulzar today, one feels unable to even sum up, much less critically examine, the career of this favourite child of the Muse. Born as Sampooran Singh Kalra to Makhan Singh Kalra and Sujan Kaur in Jhelum […]Read Blog ›
By On August 18, 2014
Masked Identities
The Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 has forced sexual minorities to slink back into the closet. A photo feature by Satya Sahu It was shocking, to make an understatement. Four years of progress. Four years of working to finally help attain equal civil rights at par with the ‘normal’ […]Read Blog ›
By On March 21, 2014