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Author and journalist Khushwant Singh passes away
Noted author and journalist Khushwant Singh, one of the finest Indian writers in English in contemporary times, breathed his last today at the age of 99 at his residence in DelhiRead Blog ›
By On March 20, 2014
Focus on individual transformation, not political sloganeering
Today, every political party claims to be committed to building a ‘corruption-free India’. Parties promise voters that if they come to power, they will establish an India free of corruption and other vices. But are the hopes that many people have about parties that claim to provide a corrupt-free, model […]Read Blog ›
By On February 18, 2014
People First, People Always
Dear Delhi, The events that unfolded in Delhi on 08 December 2013 have been truly inspirational. They have turned a bright new page in the political history of our beloved country. Heartfelt congratulations, to both, the Victors and the Vanquished. The Victors, for obvious reasons, and the vanquished for the […]Read Blog ›
By On December 11, 2013
The struggle for meaningful democracy in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, people have been continuing their struggle for democracy through electoral processes since before ‘Independence’. Once again they wait for a peaceful change of power in the next general election pencilled in for January 2014, under conditions in which it is difficult to have any confidence. The Bangladeshi people’s […]Read Blog ›
By On November 22, 2013
Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assassination
A prime ministerial candidate speaks at a political rally in a state run by a rival party. Nearly a million people attend. A series of bomb blasts take place at the venue. It results in a few deaths and multiple injuries. A catastrophic stampede is narrowly averted. Later, investigations show […]Read Blog ›
By On October 31, 2013
Yes, Rahul Gandhi is guilty
Yes, Rahul Gandhi is guilty. He is guilty of being honest and forthright. We indeed live in strange times when honesty from a political leader is considered a crime. But this is exactly what a section of our commentators – most of them on the social media – would like […]Read Blog ›
By On October 25, 2013
Kashmir: The Land of Agents
Everybody here is an agent. Pakistani agent, Indian agent, double agent and if you resist any explicit definition then people will stick their own label on you. But you still are an agent. You have to be one. Because, there is no neutral space in Kashmir. When the campaign for […]Read Blog ›
By On October 25, 2013
High time India rekindles its relationship with ally Iran
A few years ago, when civil unrest in Syria was just starting and Aleppo was the scene of some of the worst violence in the region, Iran started to become a vital counter-balance for Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Damascus. All this was taking place as the Western powers were turning […]Read Blog ›
By On October 23, 2013
World Food Day: Food security through sustainable food systems
It is well-recognised globally that hunger and malnutrition are serious issues, but even after years of attempts by world leaders to try and solve this complex problem, there has been little change. In 2009, for the first time in history, the population considered to be malnourished exceeded one billion people, […]Read Blog ›
By On October 16, 2013
Is ‘Dehati Aurat’ an insult?
From the time last week when I first heard the buzz on Twitter around the reported use of the phrase, Dehati Aurat by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, I have wondered about the indignation felt over the use of this phrase.  Let us get one thing out of the way […]Read Blog ›
By On October 8, 2013
‘Free India will be no Hindu Raj’
Today is 2nd October. Gandhi Jayanti. The birth anniversary of the man who roused the nation and led us to Independence. Nothing captures his greatness better than the message from Albert Einstein on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s 70th birthday: “Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe […]Read Blog ›
By On October 2, 2013
The problem is not with Manmohan Singh but with Rahul Gandhi
Have differences between the Congress old guard and the youth brigade led by Rahul Gandhi come out in the open? Certainly seems so. The party vice-president took everyone by surprise on Friday, gate-crashing a press conference organised by the Press Club of India for Congress Spokesperson Ajay Maken and announcing […]Read Blog ›
By On September 28, 2013