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Me, My Doppelganger and God of Cricket
Sachin Tendulkar – the ‘God of Cricket’ has retired from IPL. I remember sometime back listening to Kapil Dev on a news channel speaking about Sachin. Kapil Dev said that he has not been able to understand Tendulkar who has been playing cricket for the last fifteen-twenty years. Dev added […]Read Blog ›
By On May 31, 2013
Indian cricket will never be the same without the curly-haired boy from Bandra
The year was 1999. It was a decade since his debut in international cricket. He had already become a global phenomenon. India had begun worshipping their national idol with spectacular unanimity — a rare feat by itself. The World Cup tournament was underway, the biggest cricket show on earth. There […]Read Blog ›
By On December 29, 2012
Didi demands attention but Indians still love their Cinema and Cricket
Bollywood and cricket: twin Indian passions — two subjects always in vogue. This past week, amid the hullabaloo surrounding FDI in retail and Mamata Banerjee walking away from the UPA, both have still managed to grab their fair share of headlines. While Anurag Basu’s Barfi has been much debated in the […]Read Blog ›
By On September 22, 2012
Mary Kom’s Olympic medal celebration in Northeast is long due
Northeast India is now in the nation’s mind space. The violence in lower Assam. The exodus of people of Northeast origin from Hyderabad and Bangalore. A looming refugee crisis and knee jerk anti-foreigners drive in Manipur. All these have kept the region busy. It seems that MC Mary Kom’s Olympic […]Read Blog ›
By On September 9, 2012
Don’t Diss Ability
Patiently waiting for my phone to charge, I overheard a conversation in a mall that made me reconsider the euphoria of the past week at the Paralympic Games. Glancing at my badge, looking for ways to engage his companion in conversation, a young man asked his friend if she’d caught […]Read Blog ›
By On September 7, 2012
Promotions in the Indian Army need to be earned, not demanded
By Shonali  Ghosal An Olympic silver medal, a Khel Ratna award, Rs1 crore from the Himachal government, Rs 50 lakh from the Rajasthan government, Rs 25 lakh from the Rifles Association of India, unbridled praise, recognition and an out-of-turn double promotion in the Indian Army. If all that doesn’t cut […]Read Blog ›
By On September 5, 2012
Who doesn’t want to believe a fairytale?
Perhaps the thing that troubled me most about Lance Armstrong’s capitulation to the USADA is not that it is an implicit confession to doping, but that he gave up. The man who had said “Pain is temporary; quitting lasts forever,” had quit. And it will last forever. I was 10 […]Read Blog ›
By On September 4, 2012
“What can anyone say to a man who finishes fifth?”
Farman Basha, India’s greatest hope for a medal at the London Paralympics, is watching the opening ceremony for the Games in his room. As the Indian flag-bearing contingent appears on screen, Basha begins to laugh. As he laughs harder and harder, as he begins to hoot until tears stream down […]Read Blog ›
By On August 31, 2012
‘Get with the Games or get out of our way’
Laura, my Chinese volunteer escort through immigration, cannot stop bouncing on her toes. It’s almost as if she is preparing for an athletic event herself. “I’ve been up since seven, twelve hours on my feet, on the go, but we’ve got to do it you know, for the Games,” she […]Read Blog ›
By On August 29, 2012