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A Dusty Town, A Global Empire
Zipping through India in fast trains, I often wonder what the history and culture of our small towns are. Many Indian towns that have contributed towards our glorious history, culture and civilisation are unknown today – almost stationary in the pace of fast change. These are places that can only […]Read Blog ›
By On April 16, 2013
How to raise a good citizen
During the past several years, a gradually growing number of leaders, legislators and policy-makers have laid stress on more engagement of the ‘youth’ in our system of democracy. This kind of political education needs to be triggered now, with the 2014 general elections, which will influence our nation and our […]Read Blog ›
By On April 16, 2013
A riot better left forgotten
My mother was seven months pregnant, carrying my elder sister, when the ’84 riots reached my grandmother’s door step in New Delhi’s, Defence Colony. As she described it many years later, a sense of fear gripped me as I looked out the grilled window from the first floor. The window, […]Read Blog ›
By On April 15, 2013
In memoriam: Roger Ebert
The movies have helped me grow. Like most people, I’ve been watching films all my life, but my love affair with cinema truly began in 1999. I was seeing more and more good films, great films. They were making me realise that the best films don’t necessarily help us escape […]Read Blog ›
By On April 15, 2013
Twitter echo chambers and the “hashtag wars”
When Rahul Gandhi addressed the CII conference, those who oppose him and his party, got #PappuCII (stupid) to trend on Twitter. A few days later when Narendra Modi addressed the FICCI conference, Congress supporters on Twitter got #Feku (someone who makes tall claims) to trend. (Hashtags are a useful way […]Read Blog ›
By On April 14, 2013
Fasting into oblivion?
As Arvind Kejriwal ended his ‘fast unto death’ last week, I couldn’t help but wonder at the rise and fall of the man. He started out with a lot of promise, gathered a lot of middle class and upper middle class support with the dream he was selling- a dream […]Read Blog ›
By On April 12, 2013
Modi’s rejig plan for the Foreign Ministry
It is difficult to switch on the television set and not find something or the other about Narendra Modi on the news channels these days. As the question rings in the air, of whether the current government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be able to hold itself together till […]Read Blog ›
By On April 12, 2013
[Photo Blog] CPM protest against POSCO
Supporters of CPM Forward Block, RSP, AISF, AIYF, AITUC, AIKS, NFIW, PWA and other organisations protested against forced land acquisition in Odisha for construction of POSCO Steel Plant. While addressing S Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary, CPI, said that the American-Korean Posco steel plant has been given more than 4000 acres […]Read Blog ›
By On April 12, 2013
[Photo Blog] India International Jewellery Week
Photographs from the the first season of the IIJW 2013 in New Delhi. By Vijay Pandey  Read Blog ›
By On April 12, 2013
On 14 June, Iran will vote for its new President. Current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad finishes his second and final term in a state of political turmoil. Elections without stakes? The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the constitutional head of Islamic Republic of Iran, declared that the 2013 elections would […]Read Blog ›
By On April 12, 2013
[Photo Blog] For a fair shot at life
People affected with HIV and other health activists  during a protest to oppose a free trade agreement between India and European Union (EU), in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Health activists feel that the treaty, if enacted, will spell doom for thousands of HIV infected people who survive […]Read Blog ›
By On April 11, 2013
[Photo Blog] Haryana Ki Beti
10 April, New Delhi: Women from Haryana during a sit-in protest against rising crimes against women in the state Photographs by Arun SehrawatRead Blog ›
By On April 10, 2013