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Multiculturalism is often a loosely used term. It is used to denote the presence of many cultures. Ask a school or college-goer as to what the example of multicultural society is; chances are he would say it is India. It is not wrong to say that India is a multicultural […]Read Blog ›
By On April 22, 2013
The tapestry of society
Something I was reading today triggered off what felt, at the moment, like a very important realisation. Everyone has been in a tizzy of anger since the gruesome rape of the five-year-old child in Delhi. People are protesting and standing up for someone who could be my sister, my neighbour or […]Read Blog ›
By On April 22, 2013
When Amaresh Misra lost it on Twitter
On the day Narendra Modi made the speech in a media conclave, Amaresh Misra, who claims to be well connected to the UP state Congress, lost it on Twitter. He proceeded to rain abuse on individuals supporting the right wing Modi. Swift outrage followed. The tweets were unquestionably vile. Misra’s […]Read Blog ›
By On April 22, 2013
A bit late, but comics come to Pakistan
 ’Umro Ayar – The Comic‘ was recently launched in Pakistan. A group of six youngsters who love comics want to bring them seriously into Pakistan. A great start. The group intends to bring out loads of classic tales, crime stories of Ibné Safi(!), and much, much more. I am sure […]Read Blog ›
By On April 22, 2013
Combating child sexual abuse
A 5-year-old girl was out playing in Delhi, when she was kidnapped. Taken to a room in the same building in which she stayed with her family, she was raped and brutalised with objects. The men then scurried back to their villages in Bihar, abandoning the child without food and […]Read Blog ›
By On April 22, 2013
Post-2014 Afghanistan on the mind in New Delhi
2014 has become a year which is causing more anxiety than excitement in the international community, as Washington aims to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan after a military campaign which is now running in its twelfth year. The future of Afghanistan starting from next year looks like a black hole […]Read Blog ›
By On April 21, 2013
Stifling the minority voice in Pakistan
The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has completed a full term in office. However, the last bit of its term was sadly inadequate (despite many good laws that were recently passed), especially when it came to the Shia murders. Not a word was spoken for a while and very little has […]Read Blog ›
By On April 21, 2013
Rape rage: Here we go again
Four months after Nirbhaya, Delhi is on the boil again. The reason is similar – perhaps a lot more grotesque this time; but before you sharpen your pitchforks and vent your anger on social media – do pause and think about what happened to your previous outrage? Yes a few […]Read Blog ›
By On April 20, 2013
[Photo Blog]Protest Against Minor’s Rape in Delhi
Aam Admi Party volunteers protesting outside the AIIMS hospital in New Delhi on 19 April against the brutal rape of a five-year-old girl. The girl who was raped allegedly by a neighbor after holding her captive for four days, is battling for life due to infection.Read Blog ›
By On April 19, 2013
Women in Shahbag: Building a New Bangladesh
In the last two and a half months, Shahbag Movement has been through many highs and lows. The movement started as a youth uprising – inspired by the primary teaching of our constitution – demanding justice for the bloodshed that happened 42 years back. Activists and general people want the […]Read Blog ›
By On April 18, 2013
[Photo Blog] Raising a voice
Pakistani Hindus raise slogans during a protest against human rights violations in Pakistan outside the United Nations office in New Delhi on Wednesday, April17, 2013. Hindu refugees from Pakistan are urging for intervention and rehabilitation of the Hindu minority living in Pakistan.Read Blog ›
By On April 17, 2013