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‘A language will die with me’
By Ahsanul Haq Chishti A night of ghazals comes to an end. The singer departs through her chosen mirror, her one diamond cut on her countless necks. I, as ever, linger. (From Agha Shahid Ali’s Farewell poem: I Dream I Am At the Ghat of the Only World) Let me put a […]Read Blog ›
By On March 13, 2013
How Afzal Guru’s hanging has changed Kashmir
A fortnight after Afzal Guru’s execution, the Valley continues to simmer with resentment. But it is the fallout on the peace and the political efforts to address Kashmir that makes hanging a fraught development for the state. The biggest casualty of the execution is the prospect for a fresh dialogue […]Read Blog ›
By On February 24, 2013
Is playing cricket in Srinagar anti-azadi?
By Nasrun Mir After days of sitting in office next to the radiator in the wood-paneled newsroom, collecting facts around the last moments of Parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru – a walk on the streets of Srinagar was due on this sunny February afternoon. Curfew was still in place, […]Read Blog ›
By On February 18, 2013
Guru – The Perfect Low Hanging Fruit
There is a lot of noise and emotion over the death of Afzal Guru. In the din, there are several extremely significant things going unnoticed. I am no analyst, but I am a people watcher, and my not cheering for any particular outcome in Kashmir leaves me free to see […]Read Blog ›
By On February 14, 2013
Maqbool Bhat was always an abstraction, Guru is real and raw
As an adolescent in 1984, I vaguely remember the sequences of events that led to the hanging of JKLF founder Maqbool Bhat. The kidnapping and subsequent killing of a senior Indian diplomat Ravindra Hareshwa Mhatre certainly created a stir in my family and became a subject of discussion between my […]Read Blog ›
By On February 12, 2013
Amend judicial review of President’s decision on death sentence
The execution of Afzal Guru was secretive and swift much like Ajmal Kasab’s. Besides that being in common, the hangings themselves seemed excessive in the way they were perpetrated…without the transparency that lies at the very core of democracy. The merits of their sentencing aside, it will be reasoned that […]Read Blog ›
By On February 11, 2013
So, the all-girl teenage rock band that had gripped India’s collective imagination over the last fortnight, as an attempt to break free from the shackles of a patriarchal clench that threatens to throttle India, has decided to quit. Their quitting is the latest in the string of caveats laid down […]Read Blog ›
By On February 7, 2013
Omar’s Selective Songs
Kashmir is back in the headlines once again. This time some anonymous kids on Facebook made it happen when they allegedly threatened Kashmir’s only all-girl rock band-Pragaash. The girls had performed well in a paramilitary CRPF-organized contest. But as soon as the news of virtual threats appeared in Delhi-based media, […]Read Blog ›
By On February 4, 2013
O, swear not by the moon…
…When you hive off a portion of pain from the larger tragedy of Kashmir As a teenager in Baramulla in 1989, and brought up on a still steady discourse of Kashmir’s uneasy relationship with New Delhi, the outbreak of separatist militancy was eminently understandable. At that time, it was difficult […]Read Blog ›
By On February 1, 2013
The militarisation of Kashmir and siege mentality
For long, Kashmir was portrayed in Bollywood movies a beautiful place on earth where actors were shown eating in its magnificent houseboats, drinking from fresh spring waters and making merry in the Valley’s lush slopes. But away from its conventional habit, post 1989 Hindi movies on Kashmir slowly harped on […]Read Blog ›
By On January 14, 2013
The pinpricks of war
Napoleon is rumoured to have advised that nations must learn to ignore the pinpricks of war if they were to avoid the cannon shots there were sure to follow, but the Emperor had no answer to Fourth Generation Warfare either, nor did he know of nuclear deterrence. In the realm […]Read Blog ›
By On January 11, 2013
The Muslim Rage and Hypocrisy
Can you believe it? A Chinese–made shoe is holding hostage a population of over 1.4 million in Srinagar. It began in Central Kashmir’s Magam area. On 28 November, someone saw a white sports shoe with the name of the last Caliph (Hazrat Ali) printed on it. A close examination of […]Read Blog ›
By On December 4, 2012