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Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assassination
A prime ministerial candidate speaks at a political rally in a state run by a rival party. Nearly a million people attend. A series of bomb blasts take place at the venue. It results in a few deaths and multiple injuries. A catastrophic stampede is narrowly averted. Later, investigations show […]Read Blog ›
By On October 31, 2013
Yes, Rahul Gandhi is guilty
Yes, Rahul Gandhi is guilty. He is guilty of being honest and forthright. We indeed live in strange times when honesty from a political leader is considered a crime. But this is exactly what a section of our commentators – most of them on the social media – would like […]Read Blog ›
By On October 25, 2013
The problem is not with Manmohan Singh but with Rahul Gandhi
Have differences between the Congress old guard and the youth brigade led by Rahul Gandhi come out in the open? Certainly seems so. The party vice-president took everyone by surprise on Friday, gate-crashing a press conference organised by the Press Club of India for Congress Spokesperson Ajay Maken and announcing […]Read Blog ›
By On September 28, 2013
Moving India towards a ‘post-ideology’ debate
Political discourse in India, at the moment, is moving at a frantic pace. With the general elections still months away (this can change overnight, of course), television channels, newspapers, political commentators, economists and other personalities from the intellectual fringe have entered a long-running and exhaustive exchange about India’s future. Much […]Read Blog ›
By On August 2, 2013
Dr Sen and doctored Mitra
GB Shaw famously quipped that even if all economists were laid end to end they would not reach a conclusion. But what has made the acerbic public exchange between two world-famous economists, Professor Amartya Sen and Professor Jagdish Bhagwati intriguing is its political complexion. Stung bitterly by Prof Sen’s repudiation […]Read Blog ›
By On July 31, 2013
HTTP Error 403 Forbidden: You don’t have permission to joke about Narendra Modi
Unless you are not on Twitter or live under a rock (Twitter users consider it as the same thing), you probably know about the controversy surrounding a satire website narendramodiplans.com. The site mocking Narendra Modi was born on 15 July, went viral on 16 July and like a “puppy under […]Read Blog ›
By On July 19, 2013
Twitter echo chambers and the “hashtag wars”
When Rahul Gandhi addressed the CII conference, those who oppose him and his party, got #PappuCII (stupid) to trend on Twitter. A few days later when Narendra Modi addressed the FICCI conference, Congress supporters on Twitter got #Feku (someone who makes tall claims) to trend. (Hashtags are a useful way […]Read Blog ›
By On April 14, 2013
The shepherd principle: Leadership and Rahul Gandhi
It is a sign of our times that a pre-announced speech made by Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Indian National Congress, became as keenly awaited. From the moment he began his talk; many thronged their small screens to hear his vision or road map of a modern, evolving India. […]Read Blog ›
By On April 8, 2013
Dissecting the Gandhi speech
Jane Wyman, the first wife of the late US President Ronald Reagan was once asked how it was being married to him. She answered that he was a great guy, but had only one shortcoming, “Ask him the time and he’ll tell you how the watch was made.” In the […]Read Blog ›
By On April 5, 2013
Boss, I am Rahul Gandhi
At his first face-to-face interaction with India Inc, Rahul Gandhi was being himself when he walked in with a stubble, crisp white kurta pyjama and a clumsily written speech. He was nervous, a little curious and very idealistic. There was no talk of GDP or economic statistics but plenty of […]Read Blog ›
By On April 5, 2013
Congress: The Message from Himachal and Jaipur
Sometimes one speech can do wonders to lift the mood and morale of a nation. And certainly for one of its immediate target audience which is meant to facilitate the change, orchestrate its execution. Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the Congress Chintan Shivir at Jaipur, in retrospect, was not just about […]Read Blog ›
By On February 4, 2013
Rahul’s interactive monologue
An array of emotions swept the Congress rank and file when Rahul Gandhi, or RG as he is known, was anointed the Vice President of the AICC, in the Congress Working Committee meeting in Jaipur. The youngsters in the party were elated while the ‘old guards’ got emotional. The sentiment […]Read Blog ›
By On January 29, 2013